Multicopter Quad (Xcopter)

Cover for the electronics

The quad copter frame and KKmulticopter board arrived. I was surprised to find that the kit came with absolutely no instructions! I was able to put them together fairly easily using a Germen video that I found on YouTube. I don’t speak German, but the video was quite good showing the steps to assemble.

The quad is together now, and I am looking forward to getting a proper battery to allow a maiden flight. I played with a small RC plane battery that I have (11.v 1300mAh 15C/20C) but one motor kept stopping if the throttle was high for a minute or two. I suspect that the battery simply did not have the power to drive all motors. I have ordered a 3S 5000mAh battery and charger, so that will be the next part of this build.

Here’s a video showing the constructed quad.

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