NSLUg Rebirth and 5 years of dust

So tonight I dusted off my old NSLU device and managed to get back into it. The device was originally planned to be the brain of my robot of the future. I think there is still some potential there, and as I wait patiently for my Arduino ADK to arrive I had to play with something to keep my interest in this area.

So the NSLU was updated with the OpenSLug OS v5.3 – As I write this, I am downloading a UBUNTU Virtual Box image so that I can build setup the toolchain to get back into development. I think the first thing I will look at is to see if I can easily get SerProxy working on the slug. If I am able to do that, I can have wireless access and a real computer to help control my robot and one that consumes very little power. Even once the ADK shows up, I may still try to get this going. It was my plan 5 years ago and my interest has come back to do something in this area.

While hunting down some details about the tool chain, I found some links to site where others had built the USB driver for a Logitech WebCam. I found that interesting since that was also part of my plan with the SLUG.

I had posted some other items on my blog, specifically some posts about the Velleman board. At that time I had the toolchain working and was able to compile some programs for the slug. 5 years later, and I find myself starting all over again!! Oh well, probably better to relearn this stuff anyways to have a good appreciation of the parts.

My SLUG and it’s ASUS Wifi link..

My SLUG and it’s ASUS Wifi link..

The worst part about getting this all setup was that the ASUS WL-330 that I was using for wireless access could only support WEP security! Did I mention this was a 5 year old project? πŸ˜‰

Luckily I had an old router (D-Link DIR-645) kicking around that supported WEP and was able to get un-tethered network access.

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