Slug says Hello through Windows

First things first… I spent a fair bit of time trying to figure out where my program was being cached. Every time I tried to build it I would get a success message and I would never see any errors. I knew it was being cached somewhere but wasn’t sure where (and I knew there were errors!)

Turns out that bitbake downloads the zip file specified in the .bb file and uses it if there is a need to rebuild. I’m sure there is a cleaner way, but basically I found this worked for me for rebuilding each time.

source setup-envย 
bitbake -c clean k8055ย 
remove files from the download directoryย 
update zip in the web download folder (ย 
bitbake k8055

I should rename the source file since it will not be named k8055 in the future, but for now it is proof of concept. This newest version sends a “Hello World!” message from my Slug (client) to my Windows (server) box. The code is just proof of concept as future versions will pass the camera picture and then receive control messages to control the outputs of the k8055.

Slug client code (initiate connections)

Windows server (receive connections)

Slug says hello to the world through Windows...

Slug says hello to the world through Windows…


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