Velleman K8055 USB board

Here’s some links I found on the net with code specific to the K8055  (this is what I have been playing with)

k8055.tar.gz (K8055 source) (full copy with libusb and sources)   — NSLU2 compiled source with BitBake package (the result of my efforts)


The provided program offer some options, you can use the source to develop a software more adapted to your needs.
Syntax : k8055 [-P:(number)] [-D:(value)] [-A1:(value)] [-A2:(value)] [-NUM:(number) [-DELAY:(number)]] [-DBT1:(value)] [-BDT2:(value)] [-reset1] [-reset2] [-debug] 

-P:(number) Set board number 
-D: (value) Set digital output value (8 bits in decimal) 
-A1:(value) Set analog output 1 value (0-255) 
-A2:(value) Set analog output 2 value (0-255) 
-NUM:(number) Set number of measures 
-DELAY:(number) Set delay between two measure (in msec) 
-DBT1:(value) Set debounce time for counter 1 (in msec) 
-DBT2:(value) Set debounce time for counter 2 (in msec) 
-reset1 Reset counter 1
-reset2 Reset counter 2 
-debug Activate debug mode
Exemple : k8055 -P:1 -D:147 -A1:25 -A2:203 Output : (timestamp);(digital);(analog 1);(analog2);(counter1);(counter2)
Note : timestamp = number of msec when data is read since program start
Example : 499;0;128;230;9;8 499 :
Measure done 499 msec after program start 
16 : Digital input value is 10000 (I5=1, all other are 0) 
128 : Analog 1 input value is 128 
230 : Analog 2 input value is 230 
9 : Counter 1 value is 9 
8 : Counter 2 value is 8

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