Arduino = Fun!

Yes, I am a curious hacker that simply loves building things. I have played around with some robotics stuff in the past but was never able to really sink my teeth into anything. For whatever reason I could not find the right mix of fun and educational.

Enter the Arduino! What an awesome little device. Within a few days, I had a robot built, had sensors linked into web pages and was already ordering plenty of other add-on bits to see what I could do with this thing..

First project was a simple robot using the chassis of an old RC car. I found plenty of information on the web on how to remove the RX-2 chip to replace it with a link to the Ardruino. I wrote a small program and was surprised at how easily I had created my first robot. I’m not sure I can call it autonomous but it drove without me offering any guidance.

Check out the video here… Arduino Robot

The guts of the RC car that was used as the base


The RX-2 chip that was removed from the donor car

The RX-2 chip that was removed from the donor car

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