ParkAdmin – Tomahawk’s evolution..

Tomahawk’s branching off a new business unit to focus on our web-based Parking and Security Management solution, ParkAdmin. Eight schools use the online application, including Carleton University, Trent University, Durham College, and Lakehead University in Ontario for parking, violation and locker management.
ParkAdmin Logo
ParkAdmin Logo

In 2014 we change the look and name of ParkAdmin to Operations Commander (OPS-COM).  OPS-COM links parking, violations and incidents under one cloud based software application.

Operations Commander (OPS-COM) Logo
Operations Commander (OPS-COM) Logo

Check out the ParkAdmin Facebook page or  for more information.

Coming soon to a school near you! ๐Ÿ™‚

April 2013 - OACUSA Show
April 2013 – OACUSA Show

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