Team Tomahawk wins CPSHL 2 years running!

Carleton Place Senior Hockey League (CPSHL) is a great group of guys.  Everyone is over the age of 35 and we all have the same love for the sport of hockey.

I started playing when I was 35 and it was actually my wife who signed me up.  I had never played organized hockey before, just pick up here and there.  I thought she was crazy when she came home and told me that she had signed me up.

What a great woman..  I have loved playing hockey ever since.  I have been super fortunate to be on many great teams over the years with CPSHL.  In fact, I think that Tomahawk has won the league championship now 4 times.  As the sponsor for Team Tomahawk, I get to play on the team even though I simply play the part of a pylon.

CPSHL does a draft each year which is one of the great aspects of the league, the teams change every year (unless of course you are one of the sponsors, and then you stick with your sponsored team as many of the guys change out for new faces).

Two years running, we’ll have to see if we can make it three!

Tomahawk 2012/13 - Champs!

Tomahawk 2012/13 – Champs!


Tomahawk 2011/12 - Champs!

Tomahawk 2011/12 – Champs!


See you next season!

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