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NOBSHL Hockey -- Shut Up and Play!

NO BS Hockey League – Shut up and play!

Hard to believe but true, a NO-BS Hockey League (NOBSHL) is thriving in Beckwith, Ontario. Originally I started the NOBSHL as

Reducing my Energy Consumption at Home

Energy conservation at home has been an ongoing exercise for me for over a year.  With our new heat pump

Atom House Girls – a great season and a lot of fun!

My daughter decided that after the many years of me coaching my sons team, it was time for me to

Team Tomahawk wins CPSHL 2 years running!

Carleton Place Senior Hockey League (CPSHL) is a great group of guys. ย Everyone is over the age of 35 and

PeeWee C win the Lanark County Minor Hockey season

As head coach of a winning hockey team, nothing makes you prouder when the team bring home the banner. ย However,

Tomahawk goes solar… well kinda..

This was a cool project to be involved with. ย Really a great complement to all I learned (and continue to

2010 Business Person of the Year

As the owner of Tomahawk Technologies, I was selected the 2010 Business Person of the Year by the Carleton Place