Almost 1 1/2 years… bleh!

Been away from this for a long time.. Found my desk this weekend, it was under a stack of paper, paint cans, computer parts and well you name it…

The last stuff I worked on was well preserved under the reams of junk. I felt a bit like an archaeologist must feel like as I unearthed long forgotten bits and pieces. I have a renewed interest in my robot building work, and mostly due to a item I happened across just a day or so ago. It was the Make Controller Kit..

Sounds like a very cool piece of electronics, and certainly removes some of the necessary Frankenstein bits I was trying to get to work together. I haven’t completely abandoned my Slug, but I did read an article about someone using an old Apple Mac Mini as their robot brain. Apparently the Mini comes with USB, Wifi, BlueTooth and a number of interesting things already as part of the package. In the article I read, the user had an LCD monitor hooked up as well.

The article is here…

Very cool..

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