SELinux has no place on a dev box

Disable SELinux on your dev box!

I spent a huge chunk of the weekend trying to figure out how to configure Samba on my Fedora box.  I was able to connect and read files, but was not able to write files back.  It would create the files, but not allow a write.  On the Linux box I was able to open the file and the permissions appeared okay.

I tried to setup FTP as I figured it would be the next easiest way for me to get my cross build files off the machine and onto the Slug.  While doing this and running into a similar issue I realized something else must be at play.  I looked at the log (dmesg) and was able to use a Google search to find the culprit; SELinux security.  Disabled it and Samba works great!

I have Samba running on my slug already so now file transfers are trivial.

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