Slug says Hello through Windows

First things first… I spent a fair bit of time trying to figure out where my program was being cached.

Open source Flash!

Cool.. I think I will check this out at some point. There is even an open source version of Generator..

Getting video working on my OpenSlug..

Seems pretty straightforward until the /dev/video device doesn’t appear!! Followed the instructions here.. Then found I did not have lipjpeg, libpng

How exciting… next steps!

Okay so taking inventory…. OpenSlug with a working USB camera that supports upto 640×480. (though I will likely only ever

Successful cross compile of the test program!! WOOHOO!

I’ve added C++ code to the sample code found else where on this site. At first I was not able

SELinux has no place on a dev box

Disable SELinux on your dev box! I spent a huge chunk of the weekend trying to figure out how to

Free tools – Great link

I’m one of those people who find great tools on the internet and then forget to write them down. I

My current setup

Most of this has been acquired over the last two years (I bought he RoboSapien around Christmas 2005). Some of

Velleman K8055 USB board

Here’s some links I found on the net with code specific to the K8055  (this is what I have been

My past resume of activities

Haven’t updated my resume in a long time, and I guess I haven’t done any real programming in a long

Tomahawk site – 1999

This was the cutting edge of technology in 1999… Or at least I thought it was!!  Tomahawk 1999 in all its

SteelArrow – my first baby..

It is a programming language that I wrote a couple of years ago and continues to be used at Tomahawk.

Tomahawk Technologies

As president/owner/CEO I have to include a link to the best hi-tech company in the area!!  Tomahawk Technologies Inc. With

The device itself with specs etc.

Network Storage Link from Linksys NSLU2 on


Great place to start and get info on the LinkSys NSLU2. I found that a lot of the content is

OpenSlug home page

I played with UnSlung, and in the end settled on OpenSlug for the options that it offered (more of a

Where do I start?

I think that I have had the idea of building a robot for quite some time. Lately robotos seem to