RobotBrain update 5 – almost ready for wheels!

Today was a holiday in Ontario so I took advantage of the time to move forward on the RobotBrain. Seems

RobotBrain now with graphical view

The RobotBrain code has been updated to include a graphical output of the objects near the sensors. By creating an

Arduino + ADK first application

Finally found some time to play with my Arduino-ADK and Android phone. The phone is a Samsung Galaxy II. I

Multicopter Quad (Xcopter)

The quad copter frame and KKmulticopter board arrived. I was surprised to find that the kit came with absolutely no

NSLUg Rebirth and 5 years of dust

So tonight I dusted off my old NSLU device and managed to get back into it. The device was originally

Arduino = Fun – part II

Thought I would list some other things that I have done in the last couple of days with the Arduino.

Arduino = Fun!

Yes, I am a curious hacker that simply loves building things. I have played around with some robotics stuff in

PeeWee C win the Lanark County Minor Hockey season

As head coach of a winning hockey team, nothing makes you prouder when the team bring home the banner.  However,

Tomahawk goes solar… well kinda..

This was a cool project to be involved with.  Really a great complement to all I learned (and continue to

2010 Business Person of the Year

As the owner of Tomahawk Technologies, I was selected the 2010 Business Person of the Year by the Carleton Place

Asterisk Click To Call script

We use WHMCS as our client management software. We use Asterisk and FOP2 for our phone lines. The other day

Galaxy Tab with Telus

I picked up one of the Galaxy Tab units.  I like the size of the tablet since it fits nicely

Almost 1 1/2 years… bleh!

Been away from this for a long time.. Found my desk this weekend, it was under a stack of paper,

Hardware.. still no software

I have to admit, it is very hard to find the time to commit to developing some software. I have

Great page full of Slug hardware mod photos..

Open source Flash!

Cool.. I think I will check this out at some point. There is even an open source version of Generator..

Slug says Hello through Windows

First things first… I spent a fair bit of time trying to figure out where my program was being cached.

Getting video working on my OpenSlug..

Seems pretty straightforward until the /dev/video device doesn’t appear!! Followed the instructions here.. Then found I did not have lipjpeg, libpng

How exciting… next steps!

Okay so taking inventory…. OpenSlug with a working USB camera that supports upto 640×480. (though I will likely only ever

Successful cross compile of the test program!! WOOHOO!

I’ve added C++ code to the sample code found else where on this site. At first I was not able

SELinux has no place on a dev box

Disable SELinux on your dev box! I spent a huge chunk of the weekend trying to figure out how to

Free tools – Great link

I’m one of those people who find great tools on the internet and then forget to write them down. I

My current setup

Most of this has been acquired over the last two years (I bought he RoboSapien around Christmas 2005). Some of

Velleman K8055 USB board

Here’s some links I found on the net with code specific to the K8055  (this is what I

My past resume of activities

Haven’t updated my resume in a long time, and I guess I haven’t done any real programming in a long